Hello my friends

Well, maybe couble of words in English will be nice to hear, I hope. So, I am an ordinary guy from Finland and enthusiant of Saab 99 cars, 38 year old and father of two kids. And still married. My father bought his first Saab in year 1976 and it's model was Saab 96. Next year he bought brand new Saab 99 GL Super 4d and in year 1982 also brand new Saab 99 GL 5Speed 2d, the silver one. Well, in year 1989, year before my lisence, he bought Saab 900i, which was my first Saab in years 2002-2004. And somehow I need to bought my own Saab 99 in year 2003. And another, and another. Many of my Saabs I have sold away, but here you can see them.

Nowadays I don't have any Saab, but I'm looking for...

I have also administrator of finnish Saab club forums and I hosts my own created Saab99.Net site. So, if you want to ask or mail anything of my Saabs or other things, my email is jariha@saab99.net.


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